FAQ's (frequently asked questions)

What does Dwelling do?
Dwelling specializes in designing and creating custom home and party decor, including wooden letters, numbers, photo frames, wedding decor, containers, hair bow holders, and more.

What is your method?
My decorated letters are done in a decopauge method.  I love how that allows me to put very intricate and detailed patterns on a letter, and also the texture and dimension it gives letters as opposed to painting. Each letter or other item done in this method has 2-3 coats of protective sealant applied to the top the protect the surface from scratching or peeling and help keep them dust and dirt free.

I also do solid painted wooden letters in a variety of colors.  You can see pricing and photo samples here:

What are the Font/Styles/Sizes available for wooden letters?

As of right now, I work with four different styles of letters.  I have a six-inch block style that comes in all capital letters as shown below.  We refer to those as the Value Price Letters because of their affordability and quick turnaround time. Dwelling also designs letters in the Georgia, Whimsical, and Storybook font in 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, and in certain cases 12 inches. I really enjoy the simplicity of having just a few styles and sizes to choose from, and they're all so versatile that at least one of them is going to work for any project!

                            six-inch block-style letters - Uppercase only                                           

 georgia font letters - 6", 8", and 10" - upper and/or lowercase
12" - uppercase only

whimsical font letters - 6", 8", and 10" - upper and/or lowercase
12" - uppercase only

Storybook font letters -6", 8", and 10" - upper and/or lowercase
12" - uppercase only

How does sizing work with the lower case letters?  
The size of letters is based on the lower case 'a', so if you add in an upper case letter or a taller lower case letter (l, b, y, t, etc.) those letters will be a couple inches taller in proportion.  In other words, they'll look just like they do when typed!

How much do letters cost?
Visit my Etsy shop for current pricing information and specials!  Letters range in price from $6 - $18 each depending on the size and style. 

You can find a section in the shop with multiple letter sets to make ordering and purchasing easier! Click here to check it out:

How can I get custom letters to match my nursery decor?
Look through Dwelling's current list of available color schemes to find one that's just right for you.  Color schemes can be viewed by visiting my Etsy shop and then clicking on the GIRLS Themes or BOYS/NEUTRAL themes on the top left side of the shop. You can also see a list of available color schemes on my site here for GIRLS and BOYS.   Custom "from-scratch" orders are also available!  You can also view a gallery of past designs for more ideas here on the website by clicking the "Wooden Letter Gallery" link to the right. 

What about weddings?
There's so many fun things to do for weddings!  Consider "I DO" or "LOVE" letters for your guest book, cake, or head table, your new last name as a reception decoration, and table initials or numbers. 

How about holidays or other items?
I love to celebrate each season or event with custom wooden letters, and have them for every holiday and even in your favorite team colors!

How long will it take to get my letters?
Dwelling's turnaround time can vary depending on order volume and seasonal demand, but typically orders go out within two to three weeks of purchase for the six inch block style letters.  Letters done in the other fonts have a 6-8 week turnaround time, as each new order is custom cut. Depending on availability on the schedule, orders can sometimes be rushed if needed.

How can I display my letters?
There are 3 different ways to display your wooden letters in your home or at a wedding or shower.
1: Stand-up:  The six-inch block style letters will stand on their own on a shelf, table, or dresser.  They have been purchased to display as baby shower decorations, wedding receptions, and as teacher gifts for their desks!
2: Ribbon:  I can attach ribbon to any letter for hanging it on the wall
3: Mounting Tape:  You can attach double-sided mounting tape to your letters and attach them directly to the wall.  I prefer this to attaching any kind of hardware because they are easy to move and remove, hang very flush against the wall, and don't require more nail holes in your wall!

Where can I see your portfolio of letters?
I have a gallery of my past work to view through my site here and on Picasa.  Click here to check it out: